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Aqualisa is a well-established manufacturer of showers in the UK. The company is recognized for quality products, innovation and great service. Despite great features and benefits of the recently developed digital shower Quartz, the initial sales results are very disappointing, and the management needs to redefine marketing strategy in order to improve performance. In particular, key decisions need to be made about target segment, value proposition and marketing mix.

1. What value does the Quartz shower offer to plumbers and consumers (its value proposition)? Quartz shower is a very unique product in the market place with multiple competitive advantages. It offers great value for both plumbers and customers, however it seems that the
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Thus, plumbers have opportunity to install more showers and capture some of historical 6-month wait list. By choosing Quartz they will be able to generate more revenues and ensure higher customer satisfaction.
Table to the right presents example of incremental revenues estimation based on the plumbers ability to take 4 times more orders a year and impose mark-up of 10% on every shower they install, leading to 29% increase in annual income (EUR 24,000).
With regard to value for the customers, Quartz showers offer ultimate pressure and temperature control for great showering experience, ease of use through one touch solution versus traditional valves, safety, stylish and aesthetic design with hidden mechanism to provide luxury look and pride to the home owners. The product can be also easily self mounted or even with installation service, may save the buyer 75% on service fee that translates to net EUR 800 reduction comparing to Aquavalave. Item | Quartz Pumped Premium | Aquavalve 609 with booster

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