Aqualisa Quartz: Simply the Best Shower

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AQUALISA QUARTZ: SIMPLY THE BEST SHOWER CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Assignment issues discussion Question-1: What is the Quartz value proposition to the plumber? To consumers? Answer: Value proposition to customer: • Efficient the reliable water pressure • Efficient and reliable temperature control. • Easy to use. This can be used by children, elder person as they don’t need to worry about valve adjustment. Value proposition to Plumber as follows: • Installation time is ¼th of the previous one. • Installation does not require master plumber. This can be done by apprentice plumber or inexperienced one also. Question-2: Why is the Quartz Shower not selling? Answer:…show more content…
of unit sold in each category X Price Per unit = € 1435.12 Million Average investment made in developing this product:= € 2.833 Million Value proposition which was not available before ➢ 1/4th installation time ➢ anyone can install it ➢ Efficient and reliable temperature control ➢ Efficient and reliable pressure control ➢ Easy to use. That means value proposition has been done for both customer and plumber. Company financial heath: € 17.3 Million % of profit used in innovation = 16.325 % From above statement it is clear that investment is worth it because market potential is much higher then the investment made to develop this product. The Quartz is niche product because the capability wise it is superior then any other product available in market. Its sale is 15unit/day and to enter in mainstream, it should be 100-200 unit/day. Question-4:Acqualisa currently has three brands Aqualisa, Gainsborough and ShowerMax. What is the rational behind this multiple brand strategy? Does it make sense? Answer: The Aqalisa and Gainsborough, both brands come in all three categories of electrical showers, Mixer Showers, and power showers. Technically they are same in different categories. The pricing done in different segment based upon cosmetic change. As of technical purpose, it is useless to keep different brand , but from marketing point of view, we can see in EXIBIT-2 , the

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