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Aqualisa target market For Aqualisa’s Quartz shower system to become more profitable and accepted in the United Kingdom’s, stagnant, unimaginative, shower market, Rawlinson needs to work to educate all potential consumers on the features and benefits of the Quartz shower system. More importantly, to gain that market share needed to make the Quartz system successful, Rawlinson needs to focus the Quartz marketing efforts on the do-it-yourselfers, and the plumbers. These markets are the areas that this new product and technology would have the most direct effect on, they will be the installers of the product, and in most cases the decision makers on where the system will be installed. Without the acceptance and buy-in of these two key …show more content…
Another marketing endeavor the marketing team could employ, at the trade shops, is gathering information from plumbers, getting their names, address, etc., constructing a database of potential customers. With this data, Aqualisa could send out marketing materials, such as DVDs demonstrating the ease of installation, showing how fast the Quartz system can be installed, and testimonials of peer plumbers explaining their experience with the Quartz shower system. Promotional flyers and discounts on future purchases can also be sent, to lure in more customers. Aqualisa has been successful with innovative products in the mixer-shower-valve market before, the Aquavalve 609 was the company’s core product in the mixer-shower-valve category, and regarded by plumbers as being a high-quality, reliable mixer shower with state-of-the-art technology. One other strategy Aqualisa can use is piggy-back off the success of the Aquavalve 609, buy introducing the Quartz shower system as an upgrade, renaming it the Aquavalve 610. With this strategy, plumbers would already be familiar with the name of a current successful product and be more adapt to the change because it is a product that they have already had a good experience with.
Why do-it-yourselfers? With the rise of the do-it-yourselfer, and huge shops that sell to this market, having a

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