Aqualisa: a Better Shower Essay

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Aqualisa Quartz Group Case Presentation Problem The plumbing system in the United Kingdom is very inconsistent due to the varying age of the buildings making shower temperature and pressure challenging to control. Aqualisa designed the Quartz system to address these issues by integrating an electronic controller into the plumbing of the shower unit. After development and field testing, most believed this would take over the market and propel Aqualisa into a powerful position in the shower industry. Unfortunately, sales struggled and many believed the Quartz system would become a niche product selling only to the technological elite. The quick answer would be to more aggressively market the product with hopes that increased exposure…show more content…
Aqualisa’s new Quartz shower system is very simple to install, making it a frontrunner for DIY consumers. However, the Quartz shower system is significantly more expensive than the standard electric shower, which the majority of DIY consumers purchase. According to Figure A in the case study, Aqualisa’s standard electric shower (branded as Gainsborough) retails for €155 while according to Exhibit 8 the Quartz standard shower retails for €850, over 5 times the cost of the top selling standard electric shower. It is likely that DIY consumers, ignoring price, would prefer the Quartz shower over the standard electric shower. It is more aesthetically pleasing, more efficient, and offers better performance. The DIY consumers would also likely prefer to drive a BMW instead of a Ford Pinto, if they could pay the same price for them. When considering price, however, just as the consumer buying the Ford Pinto can’t afford to increase his budget five-fold to buy the BMW, the average DIY consumer can’t increase their shower budget five-fold to purchase the Quartz. If Aqualisa is to successfully market its Quartz shower to DIY consumers it would have no choice but to discount the price point of the Quartz shower to make it a more attractive and attainable option to DIY consumers. This does not mean the Quartz shower needs to be priced below, or even at the same level as the standard electric shower. This would
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