Aquarium Reserch Paper

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Aquarium Research Paper


Fresh water tanks are the most common aquariums in houses and schools, many times people that have had a fresh water aquarium move on into a challenge by having a salt water aquarium. Fresh and salt water aquariums have something in common, they teach you how salt and fresh water fishes live and how they interact with other organisms. While taking care of a salt and a fresh water tank in this experiment my data showed that taking care of a salt water tank was definitely more challenging, but while it was more challenging it was also more educational since it provided a small look at what life in the ocean was like. The main idea behind this experiment was to see which aquarium would be the hardest to
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1st: Setting up the aquarium:
To set up the aquarium you first need to get a big enough aquarium, in the case of this study 21 gallons (salt water) 15 gallons (freshwater). First you need to clean the glass of the aquarium only using water; you cannot use any chemicals (Windex, soap, etc.) After that you will need to clean either the crushed coral or the sand (salt water) or gravel (fresh water) for the bottom of the aquarium. After doing that you will mix the water with the sea salt (salt water only) and wait about a week checking constantly the water parameters. While doing this you will have to do research about the fishes you will want to add to the aquarium so you know what the water parameters need to be for the fishes. After doing this you can start adding a live rock and two fish max to check how they react to the water.

2nd: Adding marine life
After the aquarium has been set up and the “test” fishes have survived you can begin adding more fishes. When adding new fishes you need to leave the fishes in the bag in the aquarium for about 10 minutes so that the temperature of the fish water and aquarium water can be the same and the fish can be safely added into the aquarium. After adding fishes you will need to feed twice or three times a day an amount of food that the fishes can eat in a five minute time period. You will need to check water
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