Aquinas Cosmological Argument Essay

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This argument about Aquinas’s cosmological argument for the existence of god has been popular and his using of logic on his argument is much like other scientists. Aquinas believed that we can learn about our world and the important qualities of certain things in our world through making a statement or just examining. He would do the same in which to examine the physical world around him in order to gain his knowledge or understanding of the world. The word cosmological is used to describe the reflection of sense data and instance of watching. I found that Aquinas used five arguments about using ideas like, the first mover, first cause, sustainer, the cause of excellence, and the source of harmony.
He gives us an extreme support and a
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I can support his other arguments by saying that if there is not a first cause then there cannot be an intermediate and final cause. However, the absence of any such cause can clearly does not resemble to our judgmental observation and from that, we can say that the result must have a stable cause. So analyzing an extra further on Aquina argument, we can understand that there must be a cause for everything. For instance, the existence of turning a phone on. This phone cannot cause it’s appearance to come out of nowhere. This phone cannot cause it to appear without having this phone a creator by someone. In result, there is a phone creator who created the phone and cause it existence, but the phone creator and the phone did not cause their existence. So we can say that something caused their existence and this can build up to assume that everything in existence has a first cause which finalizes to the start of all causes and all things.
After a analyze of everything in Aquinas argument about the existence of God, the understanding of all causes made sense and supported with details that I put together and give it a better understanding. As I was explaining another way in which I gave my truthful about what Aquinas was trying to say for the existence god instead of an example throughout a philosophical way. The reason why I gave a different perspective of the existence of God is that I can give a better understanding on what Aquinas is trying to say. Also in that
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