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Aquinas Fifth Way of proving the existence of God Question:     Briefly summarize Aquinas’ Fifth Way of proving the existence of God. What counter-argument does Hume cite in answer to this argument from Design? What is John Hick’s answer to Hume’s argument from Evil? Is he right? Thomas Aquinas theorized five different logical arguments to prove the existence of God utilizing scientific hypotheses and basic assumptions of nature. In the fifth of his famous “Five Ways”, Aquinas sets forth the assumption that all natural bodies move toward an end. Since bodies are constantly moving in the best way possible to achieve that end, the path must be designed. God, of course, is the ultimate designer of the universe.…show more content…
Further, even if we do experience great ecstasy and pleasure, it is often a fleeting moment until out muscles relax or until our hunger is nourished or the like. Even the greatest men in history with unbelievable riches and power have small amounts of happiness compared to the pain it took to achieve such riches and power, Hume explains. A modern day example of such a man might be President William J. Clinton. President Clinton is arguably the most powerful man in the modern world with a large home, bank account, an extensive education, a closely knit family and countless friends and colleagues. On the other hand, to gain these things he has been the center of sexual scandal subject to embarrassing public scrutinies into his personal affairs. Further, he himself has inflicted much disappointment, pain and suffering on his loved ones. One would guess he is not a happy man. Hume summarizes that if God is omniscient than He knows everything and so He surely knows about the existence of human suffering and pain. Further, if God is omnipotent, then He has the power to end human misery and suffering. Lastly, if God is also benevolent, than how could He know about our pain, be able to stop it, and choose not to do so? How could He let young infants die in fires, allow men
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