Arab Americans Have Been Targets Of Discrimination Long

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Arab Americans have been targets of discrimination long before the 9/11 event happened. If they are immigrants in America, they are seen as bombers or terrorists. And if they are American citizens, they are seen as spies. The way Arabs are portrayed in Hollywood movies have been reflected in the way the government and society as a whole view them. And the way Americans show their discrimination is by rejecting or denying Arabs in all aspects of society which makes it harder for them to succeed. Overall, Arab Americans are seen as dangerous and threatening to Americans. Because they were being harassed all the time, they have a harder time adapting and participating in the American society. All young Americans have a hard time finding…show more content…
Al-Khazraji claimed that he was denied tenure because Saint Francis College racially discriminated against him. He never said he is Caucasian. The college assumed he is Caucasian just like how Westerners think they can recognize Arabs or other orientalists. Although the reason why Al-Khazraji was denied a permanent spot in the faculty was not stated, there could be many reasons the college could give to the professor. The one reasoning we can all think of that may explain the injustice denial of tenure is the constant fear for Arabs. The important question was whether Arabs could sue under 42 U.S.C 1981 or not. The Supreme Court ruled that Al-Khazraji had the right to file against the college as a person with Arabian ancestry. In the end, the college was not able to give a reasonable reason as to why the college professor was denied tenure. They wouldn’t been able to be totally honest because they are afraid of being seen as outright biased against Arab Americans. After the 9/11 attacks, Arab Americans have reported more occurrences of hate crime and racial discrimination in employment. Researchers Daniel Widner and Stephen Chicoine conducted a research project where they randomly picked out typical white-sounding names and typical Arab-sounding names from reliable sources for fictitious résumés. For the past 15 months, they sent out résumés to 265 jobs. The objective of this study was to
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