Arab Culture and MTV

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MTV Networks launched MTV Arabia in a partnership with Arabian Television Network and as part of a global standard. On one side of the debate, proponents believed that introducing MTV to the region would provide more of an international connection to youth that is craving both information and participation from the West. On the other side, more conservative Islamic elements see the Western cultural influence as decadent and divisive. From a sociological point of view, the sharing of cultures as society becomes more global can only bring people closer together, binding them in the commonalities of music, dance, and the arts (The Arab World, 2007). However, history has shown that while the Arabian culture has a large number of youths who desire more openness and contact with the west, Arabian culture itself is known for reacting negatively to anything controversial. This is primarily due to their long Islamic tradition of law and religion being one, and an overall socially conservative cultural ethos. Indeed, Islamic law has developed to touch almost every aspect of human life, and is called Sharia. There are the dietary laws, banking laws, welfare laws, criminal laws, and even warfare laws. While these laws have evolved over time, in much of the Muslim world, the conservative ideas of Sharia are maintained even today. The basis of Islam falls into several duties that humans must perform in order to establish and perfect their relationship with God. Islamic law, like the Old

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