Arab League Essay

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                          The Arab League.      The Arab League is a regional organization that was founded on March 22, 1945. The league’s function is to promote political cooperation among it’s member states, and to deal with disputes or any breaches of peace in the region. The league’s official name is the League of Arab States. The founding members of the league are: Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Yemen. Membership in the League was later extended to Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Southern Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia,…show more content…
Furthermore, the activities of the League are unknown and usually misunderstood by the outside world, due to the organization has been eager to secure publicity for it’s activities.      It is said that one of the main reasons that the governments of the Arab states can’t unite, is due to the imbalance of wealth, population and military power in the region (the economist 25). Under the articles of the Arab League, it was decided that the members of the league would aid one another in economic and military matters(khalil). Therefore, the question of allocating the wealth of the Arab countries was solved. Moreover, the League cannot intervene in the way any of the countries wishes to allocate it’s resources. Furthermore, since the 1980s the league has failed to show any kind of unity. In 1983, Syria’s President Assad supported a mutiny with the PLO against Yassir Arafat. However, such acts cannot be prevented by the league since when in session those allegations were denied. Furthermore, in 1989 Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, North Yemen, and Saudi Arabia joined together to form a new Arab Co-operation Council (international 53). All five members are also members of the Arab League, which basically does the same functions as the new council. Meanwhile, the Arab League had not yet reinstated Egypt as a full time member, since President
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