Arab Minority Relations During World War II

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Israel has become a complex issue for discussion from the moment of its’ establishment after World War II. It is discussed on different levels, starting from conversations over lunch and ending with discussion among heads of states. The right of Jewish population for this land, as well as the militaristic politics of Israel is constantly on the global agenda. At the same time, many people tend to ignore the state of other side in this conflict – the Arab population that remained on the Israeli territory after the formation of a new state. This paper studies the place of Arab minorities in Israel, with a special focus on the rights and position of Arab population during the first stages of the establishment of Israeli state. The Jewish majority and the Arab minority in Israel are the two groups that have not yet realized their new position in society. For the Arab minority in Israel, which is connected to the Palestinians in the territories and the Arab and Muslim world, it is difficult to realize itself a minority. The Jews, who throughout history have been a minority in their countries of residence and only became a majority in Israel, it is too hard to learn a new sense of being the majority. Plenty of existing problems particularly religious, national and territorial lead to a conflict between the two groups. System of relations between the Jewish majority and the Arab minority in the State of Israel is complicated and contains a number of unresolved issues. The axis has
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