Arab Refugee Crises And The Balkan Wars Of The 1990s

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The world is growing at such an intensely fast rate that it can’t keep up with itself. Looking at countries like China and India that are just piling on top of each other, one gets a bit of an understanding of just how cram packed the world has become. With one billion people in India, a region half the size of the U.S, we can see that this could create a problem if there was a disaster, or an internal issue in that nation. Europe is now faced with one of the biggest influx of people that it has seen since the Balkan wars of the 1990s.( Anne Paludan: Refugees in Europe) Failed states have created such terrible living conditions of fear and unlivable habitats that people are desperate to get to safe locations. Why is there such a large number of refugees, and how can Europe create a system through its politics to combat the issues that come with a mass influx of refugees? Are terrorists the ones to blame for all Syrian refugee crises? Does Islamic radicalism play a key roll in the reason for war in the Middle East, or are westerners ignorant to the reasons behind these current crises? Are there any systems that can be put in place to help migrants and refuges, or is the key to Europe’s on going sustainability going to be the refusal and removal of refugees? These questions are not easy to answer and have to be looked at with open eyes, and sensitivity to such a complicated issue. However, the terror of hundreds of thousands of people on the move, risking their lives across
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