Arab Representation in the Media vs. the Internet Essay

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Arab Representation in the Media vs. the Internet

The Arab culture is one that traces far into religious and cultural roots. Family is considered the most influential, supportive, and important aspect in Arabic life. The value held on religion has had such a grave effect that even laws have been established following various religious guidelines. Basically, the Arab culture is not what most have come to understand. Stereotypes perpetuated by the media and press have had more subtle effects then outright violence. They shape a social climate in which all Arabs are treated as potential terrorists. Very few Americans actually view Arabs in a positive light. This barbaric reputation is primarily due to the one-sided depiction of
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I have also come across many news web sites that only give a negative portrayal of Arabs. So, it is obvious to see that the Internet gives a wide range of outside and inside views.

Various Highly Stereotypical Areas of the Media

Hollywood is probably the epitome of stereotypical Arab representation. The movie True Lies concerns Middle Eastern affairs. It only gives a “terrorist like” image of Arabic people. The whole movie is based on trying to resolve a terrorist plot. Another movie, Three Kings, also negatively stereotypes Middle Eastern people. Only once or twice during the movie did I see an Arab utter a few English sentences that actually made sense. The entire movie revolved around the gulf war and a fictional plot of smuggling gold. I have grown up viewing these images of my culture. What was I supposed to think at a young age when all I saw were images of my people doing things that I was told were evil. How am I supposed to shape my own identity around this preset coating of violence on my culture. Due to this, I have attained many negative examples of my people. I can’t even begin to explain how tarnished my Image of Iraq (my country of origin) has become due to the brainwashing depiction of it on the news. All I see are people who suffer and only want freedom from this “jail like” country. I have had no desire to visit my homeland because of this. It is sad that I have to

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