Arab Spring's Affect on Tourism

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Contemprary Issues in Tourism

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Impacts of the Arab Spring on tourism in the Arab wolrd and specifically Egypt

Ali Ali

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Introduction 4
What is the Arab Spring? 4
What Countries did it affect? 4
Tourism in Egypt 5
Revolution impacts on Egypt’s tourism 6
Post Revolution 7
Conclusion 7
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This report will briefly raise awareness of what the Arab Spring therefore to be able to have a much better understanding on how it affected tourism and still has a big effect. A country’s tourism can also be affected by neighbor countries contemporary issues, so it is essential to be aware of what
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The United Arab Emirates is one of the most important tourist destinations in the region. The Arab spring had a very minor effect on the country’s tourism as it did not have a revolution but tourists in countries such as the Americas and Eastern Asia and some European countries were still slightly worried to visit any Arab country as it could be hit by the domino effect of the Arab Spring. UAE is not a neighboring country of any of the countries that had revolutions but it is in the same region.

Tourism in Egypt
Egypt is known to be the number one tourist destination in the Middle East and North Africa. It has been for years and obviously this is because of its ancient Pharos history, and pyramids in Giza and other historical sites and Luxor and all over the country has attracted tourists from around the world and for many years to visit these attractions that were built around 7000 years ago. Egypt’s tourism now is not just about cultural about heritage but it also has sun, sea and sand tourism on its beautiful beaches on both seas, the Mediterranean and the red sea. Egypt’s tourism is also very popular with its Nile cruises from Alexandria to the Upper Egypt of Luxur and Aswan via the capital Cairo.

Revolution’s impacts on Egypt’s tourism
“Egypt’s revolution has scared away millions of foreign tourists, the lifeblood of the nation’s economy, and now this ancient kingdom of tombs resembles a

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