Arab Uprising Essay

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How has the rise of social media technologies affected political stabilities in the Middle East?
Background of the study
Middle East countries have been faced by a challenge where leaders lock information. Locking information has resulted to limitation on the flow of information inside Middle East and to the external world. Out of this challenge, democracy in the Middle East has been suppressed and citizens left to suffer. Leaders refuse to listen to the people they rule and dictatorship followed course. This reached to a situation whereby citizens organize themselves with an objective to protest in their countries. This has resulted to not less than two dictators being overthrown. Two dictators from Egypt and Tunisia have been
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New technologies and ideas have been developing and the benefits of these developments have been coordinated with the world systems thoroughly. Some changes that have been taking place such as social media advancement have fully impacted the way lives and the world operates.
The growth of the social mass media, the new developments of mass communications that have been welcomed into the world have thoroughly brought about restructuring the perspectives of human beings especially in the Middle East. The rise of the mass media; magazines, books, motion pictures, television and newspapers have affected most aspects of human life especially in the Middle East countries (Kamlipour 1997). United States media coverage of activities in the countries of the Middle East has provided the entire world with a very complex and special informative field such that many scholars from different parts of the world have been carrying out studies and analysis on the subject (Kamlipour 1997). Many scholars have specialized in writing books and articles with the aim of informing people concerning the coups, conflicts, terrorism activities, uprisings and disasters that have been taking place in the Middle East. Many people have been able to access information on the wild cultures in the Middle East such that a country like the United States has been trying its best to help the people of the Middle East (Stenslie,

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