Arab and Muslims and Stereotypical labels in Movies

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Directors of movies have a big influence in the way they portray certain kind of people in films. It is obvious that these people have a motive in bringing down a certain race or religion from the many accounts we see. Arab and Muslims have been given stereotypical labels and have been looked upon as the monster for many years even before the September 11th attacks. Film after film you see many incidents were there is someone doing a terrorist act and people look at these and start to believe this is how things actually are. The power the media has is unbelievable and over they years you can see they have used there power to increase stereotypes of Arab Americans. Arabs are represented in Hollywood as the villain, before and after 9/11 and this has contributed to the to the outlook of Arabs and Muslims in the public sphere.

From the beginning of film making Arabs and Muslims were grouped as one by Hollywood. This is one of first stereotypes they created. Only one fifth of Arabs in the world are Muslim, and there are more then 20 million Christian Arabs in the world. It is obvious that Hollywood has a huge impact on many people. In 2002 alone the total box office sales was more then 9 billion dollars according to the U.S census. People are watching and people are becoming more and more brainwashed. Plato once said, “The people who are telling the story also rule society”. Media in all forms of ways…
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