Essay about Arab and Seljuk Conquests of the Middle East.

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1. Compare the Arab and Seljuk conquests of the Middle East. How did each group of conquerors control their own followers and supporters and govern their new subjects? Can these conquests be put into a long-term context? Hint: don’t dwell overlong on sequences of events, though it is fine if you want to examine an event as part of a broader analysis of a larger historical process. The history of the Middle East tells a story of continuous conquer and seemingly One cannot help but recall the Muslim historian Ibn Khaldun, and detect his analysis of historical cycles in the all but systematic rise and fall of ruling forces within this region of the world. Two influential ruling states of the Middle East, the Arab empire and Seljuk…show more content…
The Arabs did not force their authority upon the groups of people they had conquered in the ways that past empires had. The Arabs were tolerant of other religions and cultures. They did not force groups to change their beliefs or assimilate to Arab lifestyles. Instead they allowed practice of any monotheistic religion, , and established garrison towns to separate Arab armies from the people they had conquered. Although, as with any empire, the Arabs had their own wellbeing foremost in their minds, they did give the people they ruled many individual choices that were not available in most previous empires. Similarly, the Seljuks also established a much more lax governance than usual. After the Seljuk victory at the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, hordes of nomadic tribes began to spill into the newly Seljuk-controlled lands of Anatolia. However, instead of forcing these tribes to settle into towns, so as to be able to implement their control more easily and efficiently, the Seljuks allowed them to remain nomadic and establish themselves wherever they pleased. Finally, the way in which each respective empire mounted their decline and fall was strikingly akin. By the middle to late 800’s, the Islamic empire began to show rifts in their social and political structures. Problems started to arise between the caliphate and several groups within the empire. The army, which by this time
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