Arabian Challenge

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MTV Networks (MTVN) was launched MTV Arabia on November17, 2007 partnership with Arabian Television Network (ATN) as part of their strategy to extend their network over the world including in Middle East. General Manager of MTV Arabia, Patrick Samaha (Samaha) have to ensure their strategy which is to ensure the programs won over the hearts of the Arabs and adhered to local taste and culture without diluting MTV global brand.

Timeline / Background of MTVN

1977 - Nickelodeon was part of MTV Networks is the earliest primarily channel and keeping the children as their target.

1981 - MTV was launched on August 1, promoted by Warner Amex Satellite Company, a joint venture between Warner
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At the root of Arab culture is a religious, highly masculine, high context, polychronic atmosphere that affects all things from what is done on a daily basis to what is watched in movies and listened to on the radio.
MTV Arabia will experience the following issues with Arab culture: • MTVs own international culture is one that is quite western. Arabs do not simply classify western as American—Western is west of Arabia, including Europe in addition to America. For this reason MTV will need to reshape its cultural appeal and, as it has already done, include a vast majority of strictly Arab shows rather than European or American shows. • MTV Arabia will need to match the Arab culture in its personal approach and need to reach the people where they are. They will not simply flock to the channel. Going to schools and shopping centers to raise awareness is huge. Due to the level of personal focus of the Arab people, MTV will also need to include itself in social programs and focusing on social problems.
Several expected to pose a challenge to MTV, which included:-

1. Middle Easterners did not like Americans and Invasion of Iraq

2. Music is difference between Middle East and Western

3. Over 50 competing local music channels

4. Challenges of content

5. 65% population is youth

6. Adapt and modify content of sexually explicit and provocative programmes

7. Tradition strategy by
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