Arabic Language As A Language

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Irfan Rifai is a name adopted from Arabic language that means ‘wisdom’ and ‘noble’ respectively. My father told me that the name given to me because he wanted me to grow up being a wise and a noble man. Well, I hope that I have not disappointed him. Arabic does not function as a second language in Indonesia, but being predominantly populated by Muslims, Arabic is taught in the early age for the purposes of praying and reading the holy Quran. Unless we have enrolled in Islamic boarding school, Arabic language has not generally been taught or used for communication sake.
I learned Arabic literacy at the same time that I learned to read and write in my first language. As a kid, I spent my time studying at formal school from 7 am to 12 pm and had informal school where I learned Arabic literacy afterward until 4 pm. With such a busy schedule of schooling, I still wonder what went wrong that I was only capable of reading both in Arabic and Indonesian fluently only when I was at my 2nd grade of school. Was it that I was too young to enter elementary school? I was registered at elementary school when I was only 5 years old because there was no kindergarten at the time and place where I lived as a young boy. Was it the methods that my teacher used or was it that I did not have enough exposures to prints or reading habits in the family?
I have an illiterate mother and a father who had to drop school at the age of 14. My father was always busy working and my mother simply did not…
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