`` Araby `` By James Joyce

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The short story “Araby” by James Joyce is a young boy who has such an infatuation for his friend Mangan sister, he begins to idolize her as if she was a saint. This is when the idea of love and desire come into play. He simply can’t stop thinking about her and sees her in a godly like way. As the story begins to unfold the realization that the young boy doesn 't quite understand the concept of the illusion and the reality of what Mangan’s sister really means to him. The young boy realizes that his love and desire go hand in hand with the illusion and reality he has for Mangan’s sister. As well as the connection the author James Joyce brings to this short story “ Araby” represents how Joyce views these same ideas of Love, Desire, Illusion and Reality. As the reader begins to read “Araby” the connection of the young boy and Joyce personal life is made very clear throughout the short story, as stated by Harry Stone, “Many of the details of the story are also rooted in Joyce’s life…the narrator is the boy of the story now grown up— lived, like Joyce, on North Richmond Street” right off the bat the connections between the author and the main character is made. That at one point in his life Joyce did live on that same street that the story took place. Also, “Araby” in a way is how Joyce is telling his life by giving a very similar environment to the one the young boy is in as stated by Atherton, J. S “ Joyce’s work, the story is partly autobiographical” in a lot of ways this

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