Araby Point Of View Essay

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Through the Eyes of a Young Boy
In Araby, by James Joyce, the story is told by a young boy who has his heart on a girl. The boy’s name is never mentioned in the story and neither is the girls’. Since the narrator is the young boy, his name is never mentioned. In the story, the girl is only mentioned as Mangan’s sister. The point of view, plot, and setting all help make up this story. The narrator in this story is the young boy and he tells the story through his point of view.
Point of view is composed of two different parts, the voice and the focus. The voice is the narrator telling the story and the focus is the visual angle that the narrator uses to portray events in the story. In Araby, the boy’s voice seems uncertain, impatient, and frustrated
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169). The rooms are described as, “musty from having been long enclosed, hung in all the rooms, and the waste room behind the kitchen was littered with old useless newspapers (p. 169).” Already, the reader can get an image in their head using a bit of imagination. The setting at the beginning of the story suggests that the boy lives in an older building. Not only is the building depicted as old but the former tenant who lived in the house was a priest (p. 169). The settings also move to the bazaar that the boy attends in hopes that he can purchase an item for Mangan’s sister. The bazaar is called Araby, which happens to be the title of the story. The bazaar is a charitable event one that the boy hopes to attend. By the time the boy could attend the bazaar, it was shutting down for the evening as the boy had arrived late into the night. The boy was discouraged into buying any items from the vendors because the one that was open the vendor had a distasteful tone in her voice and it was not at all encouraging for the boy (p. 173). The setting is just one component of the story the plot is
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