Aramark Food Services: Some Major Initiatives

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Legal advice: ARAMARK Introduction: Company and major initiatives ARAMARK Food Services is a Philadelphia-based food supplier to institutions such as schools, hospitals, and to other large organizational settings all over the world. It is a seventy-five year old company that serves over two billion meals a year and has been ranked number one amongst the top food services companies in the United States (ARAMARK in the news, 2012, ARAMARK). Improving environmental sustainability has been one of the company's highest priorities, according to its literature: "ARAMARK Higher Education has committed to implement Green Stakes, five key sustainable practices across all of its operations by 2010. The Company has also partnered with Clean Air - Cool Planet (CA-CP), to create a calculator tool that assesses the carbon footprint or 'foodprint' of foods served on campus by quantifying the environmental impact of growing, producing, transporting and disposing of food. The tool will enable students around the nation to make responsible decisions about the foods they choose" (Corporate social responsibility action, 2012, ARAMARK). Food served in institutional settings had been under far greater scrutiny for its consumer health impact, sustainability, and safety, due to concerns about childhood obesity and a spate of recent food recalls. ARAMARK has attempted to circumvent such criticism through self-directed initiatives, such as the 'foodprint' campaign and a 'trayless' dining campaign

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