Aravind Eye Hospital 4

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Aravind Eye hospital is an inspiring example of a how a great leader with a great vision is all it takes to build a successful organization. And when the vision is that of service to mankind, culture and values play a major role in shaping that success. Dr.V of Aravind Eye hospital was able to bind his organization with his vision and values. Most importantly they had the right business model which supported them through their cause. A critical analysis of the success factors will help us understand if this model can be replicated across businesses and geographies. Question 1: Can its success be replicated? If so under what assumptions and conditions Level 5 leadership Someone who blends genuine personal humility with …show more content…
They were quite aggressive in ensuring that their service reached anyone who required quality eye care – irrespective of social status and geographical location. Flexible business model Dr. V, ably supported by his trusted aides, had conjured a very robust and flexible business model to help him achieve the noble cause. They had a two-tier pricing approach where the rich partly paid for eye care of the poor. They were offered premium service which justified the cost. To support the huge numbers they were targeting they also effectively used sponsors to finance them. Sponsors were helpful right from creating awareness about the eye camp to transporting the patients to the hospital. The hospital paid for the surgery and medicines. This is a sustainable model, inspite of the fact that nearly two thirds of the patients are treated free of cost. What Dr. Venkataswamy used was old age business strategies: He increased volumes, built efficiencies and reduced costs making every employee realise that every rupee saved helps in treating more patients. His passion for eradicating blindness was contagious and staff members took it up as a mission. The model has to be tweaked as per the business requirements. For example, geographical expansion outside the country might require a slightly different approach to the
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