Aravind Eye Hospitals

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Topic: Designing and managing services
Case: Aravind Eye hospital

Aim of Aravind Hospitals:
To treat the eyesight of the poor people in each and every part of India and in other asian, africa countries and in countries across the globe.
Founder of Aravind Hospitals: Initially it had three surgeons :Dr. Venkataswamy, his sister, Dr. G.Natchiar; and her husband, Dr. P. Namperumalswamy .Dr. Venkataswamy is the founder of Aravind Hospitals. Personal tragedies at a very age (like the demise of his father) made him strong and accept the responsibilities of his family. * Strong technical expertise. * A strong sense of passionate service towards mankind included with spirituality and idealism.
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* Unlike the Main Hospital, patients in the Free Hospital do not have “beds” in which to * Recuperate and recover, but rather are taken to big rooms on the upper floors and each provided with a 6’ x 3’ bamboo/coir mat, which is spread out on the floor as a bed, and a small sized pillow. * The only differentiation in terms of service is that the main hospital had ECCE. Patients from free hospital who mandates this service will be shifted to the main hospital. * The funding for poor hospital comes from main hospitals, which make them 90% self-sufficient.

Staff in Aravind Hospitals:

* The staff are paid a salary that is in equivalence with industry standards. The work hours are longer and to make for this they are provided better training from various universities. They are kept better motivated along with classes for betterment of skills and knowledge. * The staff are very supportive to the customers at every stage. Each and every process is made simple to the customers to ensure that they donot face any difficulty in the process. * They take care of the customers for 3 days from the surgey. They also follow up with them for 3 months to ensure that the surgery went well. * All complications post operation are craefully recorded by them even if they are very minor or major. * Medical officers review them on time

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