Arbington Case Study

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Arbington is an unusual town. Individuals don't move there voluntarily. They move to Arbington for reasons of business or government espionage. In Arbington the citizens know each other well, and there are few mysteries. That all changes when the Chase family comes into town!
One day a Subaru pulled in from the front of the town. The citizens were excited to see the new family in town since not that many people lived in Arbington.
Days passed and nobody new why the new family was there, it got everyone worried and confused. All they knew about this family was that they were the Chase family and the parents had a daughter named Victoria.
Victoria was pretty, polite, and pleasant to be around. Victoria started off by going to the middle school
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She ran straight home to tell her parents. When she got to her house she was gasping for air. Victoria told her parents what had happened, then her parents called the organization to tell them. The organization told them to leave immediately and that they would cancel the mission because whoever followed Victoria could have looked inside the building and have seen a sign that said ISI Organization and found out what the organization was doing there.
The Chase family packed up and was out the door like a ticking time bomb. They didn't have that much time till word spread if someone had peered in the building. Days had passed and no one knew where the Chases family had gone so the assumed they left town, which means whoever saw Victoria either didn’t look in the building or didn't say anything about it. Nothing happened to the ISI organization so all the agents were happy especially the Chase’s. Victoria went back to doing missions with her family but being extremely careful of anyone that might be following here. Everywhere Victoria goes people adore her, think she is so kind, and that there is nothing mysterious about her and Victoria would like to keep it that
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