Arbitrary Injury Analysis

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Every year, thousands of men and women undergo certain injuries that may or may not require surgery, but as time goes by, surgeries seem to get extremely expensive and therefore people seek for inexpensive alternatives when given the option. In sport and exercise psychology, psychologists study the contents of behavior in sport and exercise psychology (KIN 370 Lecture Notes, 09/22/16). Similarly, as a Physical Therapist, my profession will allow me to use therapeutic exercises, psychological skills and modalities to help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility without undergoing surgery.
According to psychological rehabilitation from injury (KIN 370 Lecture Notes, 10/25/16), an injury is a physical disability to the body that is temporary and
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To illustrate, I will first analyze the severity of the injury by determining whether or not it is a permanent or temporary injury. By doing so, it would allow me to dictate which program I must design for the individual. In other words, if my patient has an injury that may be permanent, I must structure a program that will be effective for a long course of duration. Then I will identify the type of injury in order to give me a better understanding of what the program regime should focus on. For example, if my patient has a torn ACL, I must design a program that will allow the strengthening of surrounding muscles of the knee without causing additional damage to the injury. At last, I will examine the athlete’s history of injuries in order to conclude whether or not the individual has been through a similar situation. For this reason, if my patient has gone through a similar situation, I would have him reflect back to that injury in order for himself to re-visualize the process of overcoming an injury. In like manner, I would evaluate the athlete’s psychological treatment of injury by first making a
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