Arc Inc. Consultant Case Analysis

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Arc, Inc.: A Consultant Case Analysis This paper is written in a perspective of business consultant analyzing the feasibility of a process engineering proposal concerning the introduction of a new line of silicon sensors and several proposed changes in the existing manufacturing process of the Silicon Sensors Assembly Room. Recommendations and alternatives regarding these two matters are also provided. Name_____________ Prof. Brendan Bannister 112 Hayden Hall Signature __________ Northeastern University…show more content…
Dr. Brown also proposes hiring new assembly operators to begin simulated production and then transferring them to Assembly Room when MES goes into production. They can be good resources to train the rest of the team once the production begins. However, since they are going to be new members of Susan’s team, we recommend involving Susan in the whole interview process. Susan has contributed to a huge performance improvement of SSR team since she assumed leadership two years ago. She does expect her people to get along with one another, so her involvement would help new hires to adapt the environment and team morale. Given the increased technical sophistication of the MES, detailed process specifications are highly recommended especially at the start-up stage, and adequate follow-through during the transition from development to production start-up should be implemented. Any revision or rewrite of process specification can be done throughout the ten-week start-up period. However, instead of making Mr. Michonik the only person for revision approval, we do hope to see Susan’s involvement in the process. Mr. Michonik is the only process engineer who has any familiarity with silicon sensor assembly. Susan has become the soul of SSR and big performance improvement was achieved by the “problem department”, largely if not all, because of her excellent management skills. Nowadays, companies from different

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