Arch Global Precision Is An American Based Company

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ARCH Global Precision is an American based company that was formed to acquire many different businesses used that product precision machined components, precision cutting tools, and medical tools. ARCH Global Precision is the type of company to extend itself to both ends of the market to produce organic American made products. These products are acquired from different acquisitions of business units. We are committed to growing all of our acquired business units and achieve the highest level of job satisfaction. The business units are as follows: Hi-Vol Products, LLC Voisard Tools, LLC KEO Cutters, LLC Professional Machining, LLC Richards Micro Tool, LLC Jasco Tool, LLC KEO Milling Cutters, LLC Little Rock Tools, LLC…show more content…
As I have progressed in learning more about the system, I have Jessica Lash who is one of the managers that started with ultipro and assists me with any pressing questions that I might have and we have been working together to get Ultipro live within our business units. Every Monday is busy Monday. Monday is the day that I keep a close eye on my email to get the go ahead from each of the business units to start processing their payroll. The payroll process is very complex because you are in control of your employees getting paid. Once I have imported the timesheets of the employees and made the corrections that need to be made I send the payroll journal over to the local Human Resource contact to approve the payroll journal and I will then finish the payroll for the checks to be printed. As ARCH Global is growing and expanding into new American manufacturing companies we have been hiring many employees. Each employee that has been hired, I key in each employee to make sure that all of the documents are correct. The documents that I key in are I-9 documents to benefit election forms. As I key in each of the new hires that come across my desk, I have learned all of the benefit packages that ARCH has to offer. Also, keying in all those employees has helped me create a cheat sheet that will benefit other employees when it comes to keying in the employees information. As an intern, I have come to notice that if you incorrectly key in

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