Archaeological Ceramics Paper

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Archaeological ceramics is the most prolific relics that have been studied to expand our understanding of past cultures. Archaeological study based on the investigation of pottery shape, color, decoration style and materials that can give a plenty of information regarding typological and invaluable information, dating and provenance. The study of the mineralogical properties of ceramics plays a vital role to understand the previous technologies. However, the manufacturing techniques, cleaning of the clays, adding of the temper, and shaping of objects, firing atmosphere can significantly change the mineralogical composition of the ceramic objects. In addition to this, the life cycle of ceramics and its usage and post-depositional modifications are also important and can help to change the mineralogical constitution. Although, nowadays…show more content…
The role of analytical methods is mostly pertinent with qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the artifacts that suitably explained, produce specific information on the source of raw materials and therefore, indirectly on the site of production. The provenience analyses mainly related to the characterization and study of the raw material of the ceramic. The technological studies or analytical methods are belongs to the investigation of the manufacturing techniques including the usages of raw materials, clay preparation, the firing technique, and pre/post firing treatment of the ceramics. Therefore, technological studies also deal with the provenance and dating. Mineralogical and physio-chemical methods can be combining used for the studies of manufacturing technologies and provenance of the ceramics. Both requires the combined use of mineralogical techniques such as petrographic, XRD,
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