Archaeology And Its Impact On Archaeology

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Archaeology plays a very significant role in anthropology because archaeology is defined as being the study of human history and prehistory via the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains. The term Archaeology is used to describe the discovery and research of societies and individuals. Archeological sites differ around the world and their methods of excavation and reporting often fluctuate. Because of these fluctuations, one needs to review and rank archaeological sites based on their quality of work, potential for public use, threatened nature, and heritage importance throughout this paper. Three specific examples of archeological projects that are discussed thoroughly in this paper are the sites at Caracol, The Hungarian Plane, and Jamestown. Caracol, a Mayan archaeological site located in Belize, was larger and more populated than the modern day Belize City, which is the largest city in Belize, and the archaeological study was begun to better understand the massive Mayan City of Caracol. The term Caracol means shell in Spanish, and it refers to the logging road that provided access to the site when it was first discovered. Early excavators explored only the epicenters in the beginning, but as exploration continued, citizens and researchers started finding multiple tombs outside of the epicenter. The Mynan site was much larger than anticipated; therefore, the excavation expanded. A goal of the assignment was to learn as much as…

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