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Museum of Archaeology Script
Good Morning year 11s and welcome to the Museum of Archaeology. On today 's excursion I will be taking you on a tour of the museum and help you acquire the knowledge of what archaeology is, what archaeologist do, learn about one of the most outstanding archaeologist from the past 200 years, get to observe 2 artefacts from the Pandora and discover how they teach us about the everyday life of an 18th century soldier.

Archaeology is not just ‘digging’, although the excavation of artefacts is important, there are many more aspects of archaeology involved that are all as significant. Archaeology can best be described as the study of extinct human cultures meaning that it is not just digging for the remains of past humans cultures, but also analyzing what has been found to help us better understand what life was like for these past cultures (Woodbury, 2008). According to the reliable source given by Zarmati and Cremin we are informed that there are three different fields of archaeologist all of which have different positions in the study of archaeology proving that it is more than just ‘digging’. These types of archaeologist being Field archaeologist, University archaeologist and Museum archaeologist (Zarmati & Cremin, 2004). A field archaeologist 's main point of concentration is on the excavation of sites and documenting records of their work while a museum archaeologist 's job is to preserve places and objects that field…

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