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Museum of Archaeology Script
Good Morning year 11s and welcome to the Museum of Archaeology. On today 's excursion I will be taking you on a tour of the museum and help you acquire the knowledge of what archaeology is, what archaeologist do, learn about one of the most outstanding archaeologist from the past 200 years, get to observe 2 artefacts from the Pandora and discover how they teach us about the everyday life of an 18th century soldier.

Archaeology is not just ‘digging’, although the excavation of artefacts is important, there are many more aspects of archaeology involved that are all as significant. Archaeology can best be described as the study of extinct human cultures meaning that it is not just
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The final type of archaeologist are university archaeologist who both teach and train students in the study of archaeology (Zarmati & Cremin, 2004). In actual fact almost everyone that you see working here today, including myself, come under the category of Museum archaeologist as we are preserving and presenting artefacts but not digging for them. Just behind this glass window you will see some of our staff working to conserve the artefacts that have been given to us by field archaeologist.

Effects, interest and arguments
Although archaeology is important in society today, without it there can still be authentic historical scholarship.If you look behind me you will notice an artefact from the Egyptian tombs and next to it is an image of an archaeologist and historian working together to find it’s location.
Both archaeologists and historians study past human activity, however they are not the same profession. The difference between the two according to the reliable source provided by Richard Woodbury is that historians study and write about our past whilst archaeologist study recovering and interpreting both artefacts and remains of past civilizations (Woodbury, 2008). Historians on the other hand focus more on studying cultures that have already developed systems of writing. This is one of the key reasons why archaeology is not a major factor when it comes to authentic historical
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