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For my research project, I did it on the archaeopteryx and the dodo bird. The archaeopteryx, also known as the "ancient wing". It comes from the 2 Greek words archaīos, meaning "ancient," and ptéryx, meaning "wing." The Dodo bird or the "flightless bird" is another example of an extinct species that is included in this paper.
The archaeopteryx, once thought of as the "First Bird" or "Urvogel" was a avian/reptile. The Archaeopteryx was believed to live about 150 million years ago, towards the end of the Jurassic period. The Avian dinosaur was a carnivore and scientist believe it prayed on small animals, which it would pick up in its talons. It also had wings like any other avian, but scientist are not completely sure if it could fly, glide or it even be another type of flightless bird, like the Dodo.
The structure of the reptilian/ avian has many similarities and differences to the modern bird, which is why it's understandable that the scientist were not sure what to categorize the creature. The size of the Ancient Wing, is typically the size of a modern day raven with the weight of only 2 pounds. A distinguishing trait about the creature is the fact it had a full set of teeth which lead scientist to believe that this animal is in fact a
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This species is in the columbidae family, a family made up of doves and pigeons. The dodo bird does everything on the ground, including nest, which is extremely uncommon for any type of avian. Another amazing fact about these interesting creature is that appearance of the dodo bird was only confirmed in 2007, though their has been many drawings of the creature they were all amateur drawings of all of these characters. The reason why the dodo birds where able to nest on the ground is because during there time of existence and the environment around them, the species around them posed no

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