Archaeopteryx: Transition Between Dinosaurs And Birds

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A fossil found in the 1860s named Archaeopteryx was a said to be one of the most important finds for evolutionists. Archae is what is now called as a transitional fossil, and this specific transition is between dinosaurs and birds. Archaeopteryx is indeed classified as a bird, but the Archaeopteryx has unique features that are not possessed by birds. The Archaeopteryx does not have a bill, its trunk region vertebra is free whereas in birds it is always fused, and the Archaeopteryx has teeth which no modern day birds have. Some of its more avian features are its opposable hallux which just means it has a ‘big toe’ which is a common trait found in birds not dinosaurs, and of course feathers, among other features.

Evidence supporting Creationism
Generally, it has been relatively easy for one to
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Scientists almost all agree with Darwinian theory but about 40% of them incorporate a “higher being” in the process and believe that this “being” uses what we see as ‘random processes”. Some biologists claim that, "God created the universe and principles of energy and matter, which then guided subsequent evolution." while another has stated that God did not guide the process, "but did create the conditions that allowed the process to take place." Theistic evolutionists have claimed that all living things have evolved from one original life form, but that “God” created this original form thereby directing the process. Progressive creationists explain that over the billions of ages God has intervened once in a while in a major way to speed-up change, but then allowed Nature to take its own course. But despite the many people who are ambivalent, there are not enough. There will most likely never be a compromise between creationists and Darwinists but this does not necessarily mean that the two ideas are fundamentally opposed to one
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