Archangel Lucifers Fall

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As humanity passed through the veil of reality the archangel Lucifer began to rebel. The angel Beelzebub whose main fault was his need to collect as much power as he could joined the archangel's rebellion along with Astaroth forming a trinity of darkness and villainy. In the end their plan came crashing down around them, and they were thrown out of Heaven. Lucifer along with his minions were thrown into an inescapable void, but their constantly growing hate caused the kingdom that would be known has Hell to fill the void. The fallen angels' combined power allowed them to speak with mankind causing humans to drown in a sea of pure evil. After centuries of being imprisoned Beelzebub possessed a mortal man whose body he used to construct seven…show more content…
The two humans Samuel and Catherine Jacobson were two simple farmers that they knew no one would miss. The men brought Samuel and Catherine into a nearby forest where they tied the two to large wooden stakes that they hammered into the ground. With that done the men dipped a crude paintbrush into a bowl filled with blood that they had collected from newborn children. One of the men used the paintbrush to draw a circle around the two stakes then he drew eight arrows that went from the middle of the circle to the outside of the shape. The man put the paintbrush back in the clay bowl, and they all turned their gaze to Samuel and Catherine who are both unconscious. Two men pick up two pots filled with water and throw it on Samuel and Catherine who immediately awaken and let out bloodcurdling screams. Two yellow colored strips of cloth are tied around their mouths to prevent them from screaming. They watch as one of the men pulls a silver dagger out of his belt and dips it in the bowl of blood. The man walks over to his captives and uses the dagger to make a cut in Samuel's left hand and Catherine's right
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