Archer: A Short Story

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When Archer saw what was in front of him, he nearly passed out. The foul looking beast spit toxic at him from one head, and fire out another. The other five heads were concentrated on three others. “Retreat!” Sgt. Zavery yelled. At that moment, Archer ran as fast as he could, back to the city walls. Archer ran, so fast, he thought he was flying, Archer had flashback while he ran to the wall. He remembered graduating the academy, being at his sister's graduation. He remember reading that horrible note that Rylie left on her pillow the day after King Parker made the horrible law. “Don’t worry about me anymore, this is what I want to do.” Archer remembered. This was one thing that was burned forever into the mind of Archer. As he made it to the wall, he saw that no one else made it. They were either swallowed or burned alive. As Archer entered the city, he saw a man running up to him.…show more content…
As he ran, he thought about the king. Archer remembered the king’s law. “Whoever doesn’t do the job the government assigns to them, or join the city guard, thou shalt be thrown outside the city walls to die.” The he remembered Rylie running away because she didn’t like the job she was assigned. “Don’t worry about me anymore, this is what I want to do” he remembered. When Archer got to the castle, he burst through the gold doors, like a knife through butter. “Ah Archer, we’ve been waiting for you!” The king happily points to seven other men.
“How was the mission?”
“I’m the only survivor”
“Well that’s to be expected”
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t know? Well, when we send teams of four out of the city, we expect only one to make it
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