Archer Chapter Summaries

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Enemies since birth, Lord Howard and Lord Bolton hire swordsmen to settle their differences in battle. They kill each other, their friends are wounded, and the swordsmen are left without their promised payment and employment. An older nobleman, Lord Garrick, tells the swordsmen about a castle three days’ ride north, which has been occupied by masterless men. He promises to petition King Edward to grant it to the swordsmen if they can win it back. Bancroft and Winston lead the swordsmen to the castle… Archer is one of the last men through the gates into the castle, and has to look around for a man to fight. He sees someone running upstairs and follows him only to find the man is holding a woman covering his body. Archer recognizes him as the man who killed Father Kirby, an unarmed monk. They…show more content…
They see two boys hiding up a tree and capture them and take them back to the castle. That night they are given a room alone to share, and once again Drake fucks Archer’s ass, this time in peace and safety and taking their time. The next day Archer and Drake go with Bancroft and Winston to look at all the villages. All promise to help prepare the land for winter. One had most of their men killed by the masterless men and Bancroft suggests some of the women previously enslaved by them can come and work at the castle with the promise they will be safe and cared for as long as they work. Finally they check out an abandoned village and are ambushed by two children. One of the buildings collapses on Drake, but he is wearing his armor and is bruised but not badly injured. Bancroft tells the children to take their seed as a gift and move to the village lacking men. The swordsmen look around the rest of the area but find no one else. Archer Goldenvoice and Drake the Swordsman commit to staying together forever whether Edward of Caernarfon grants Bancroft the castle they’d captured or
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