Archery Hunting

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Did you know that bow/archery hunting season was first started in 1934? Although it came in as an actual sport in 1934, people way back in time used bows for hunting, protection, and even as competition. Way back when there were still civilizations people used bows to protect them from attacks. Bows also helped get food by ambush instead of chasing the animals down. There were usually a arena somewhere in the civilization, and that is where the people would shoot their bowa to see who is the better shot. That is what the people used the bow and arrow for.
The stone age humans were the first to use the bow and arrows. They constructed the bows out of wood and and then strung with string. The string was made out of animal guts that had dried
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Of course you did,but did you know that there are many types of archery. There is bowhunting, target archery, field archery, indoor archery, and flight archery? They are all very much used these days. Bowhunting is the use of a bow to hunt for food such as deer, rabbits, bears, moose, elk, and much more animals that you can hunt. Target archery is when archer's line up target at different distances and shoot to see who is more accurate. In that case there are many people that compete with each other. Some people only use target archery to help sight their bows in for hunting purposes. Field archery is almost the same as target archery. People shoot at targets and compete to see who gets closer to a bullseye. In indoor archery archers also shoot at targets. They compete to see who is the most accurate. People usually compete for fun or for bragging rights. Since the targets are indoors the first archer to miss his target loses and his arrow might just break as well. Finally in flight archery people shoot at targets that look like animals. They aim for vitals on the targets, and work on accuracy from far away distances. That somes up on the different types of
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