Archetype Of The Mentor In Tangerine By Luis Cruz

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Have you ever have been or been called a Mentor, a Mentor can be many different people, such as your parents or friends. In the novel “Tangerine” there is a Mentor, “Luis Cruz”, Luis Cruz plays a big part in Paul Fisher’s life. In the novel “Tangerine”, Luis Cruz fits the mythological archetype of the mentor by being positive, aids by giving advice, and sometimes acts as the hero’s conscience.
First, Luis Cruz is the mentor to Paul because he is positive towards him. For instance, when paul went to the Nursery for the first time and he wants to go back. He loved working with the crew and the smell of tangerines. They said “I walked up to luis and offered my hand to shake. He took it in a ropelike grip”. I said “Thank you”. “I’m really
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Therefore, he gives advice by saying don’t be like them, they are cruel and no one should act as they do. Luis is not okay with what Arthur did to Joey. To sum it up, Luis Cruz is stating that no one should treat others with disrespect, he also explains to Paul that he shouldn’t listen to them because they are selfish and they can’t control Paul’s life. When friends and family were invited to help crew at the nursery to help fight the freeze. Luis says, “If it stays twenty-four degrees for ten more minutes then it’s all over”. “He’s calling it off and we’re all going home”. Luis tells the rest of them to go inside “ASAP!”(227). This means, Luis doesn’t want anyone to get sick or hurt from the freeze. He is telling everyone to go home if it gets too cold. Therefore, while the temperatures drop, Luis starts worrying about his people. In short, Luis is considered about his members getting sick or worse. Luis Cruz fits the Mythological Archetype of the Mentor.
Lastly, Luis Cruz is the Mentor to Paul because he sometimes acts as the hero’s conscience. To begin with, they were helping with fighting the freeze and then when paul suddenly got very weak and had to inside from him being to cold. The first part of Luis and Paul’s conversation is “I could barely move. I could barely speak. But suddenly Luis entered and I knew I had to”. In this case, Paul wanted to make it seem he was okay so Luis wouldn’t call his mom or

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