Archetype : The Contrasting Cultural Roles Of La Malinche And Poahhontas

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The New World, is the story when the English came to James River in Virginia in the year 1607 . The captain leaves to John Smith to explore the region and go to speak with the king of the natives. One day, Smith is captured by the natives and carried away with King Powhatan. He was going to made sacrificed, when Pocahontas is put on top of him and avoid being killed. Smith is released on condition, that the English was left of the land of the natives. At one time, the natives and the English fought because they did not leave the land. Between Pocahontas and Smith there was a relationship. Pocahontas went to live with the English, Smith went to England and told his friend that two months later he said to Pocahontas that he had died. When Pocahontas finds out it becomes very sad and time later she accepts to be baptized its new name was Rebecca. Rebecca married John Rolfe, had a child and worked on the tobacco planting. Later the Rolfe family traveled to England and it is where Rebecca dies of tuberculosis or pneumonia . In the lecture, Mirrored Archetype: The Contrasting Cultural Roles of La Malinche and Pocahontas tells that Pocahontas rescue to John Smith from execution by laying her over his head . In the film show the same action Pocahontas opposes that they kill Smith and tells his father not to do that he can learn things about him. Another of the scene of the film shows when Pocahontas went to live with the English and a lady proposes that if she wants to be

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