Archetype Vs Stereotype

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Meeting (archetype vs. stereotype) First Segment Howard: Give me your summary. Howard: And the other dimensions are for feedback from peers, and etc. right? Howard: Does adaption has to do with me being proactive about allowing others to see my uniqueness and me being proactive about seeing others uniqueness? Make Sense? Howard: Sure Howard: I have a couple questions. When you define cultural identity, do you view that men ad women from the same culture have different cultural identities? I am generally accepting of everybody except for a group. So, they find themselves there occasionally (trailing orientation) Howard: No, I think I generally get the model Second Segment I: Can you tell me about your background, family, when you left…show more content…
I made friends with a lot of Jewish since there weren’t that many where I grew up. We related to each other by major. Colgate was not diverse by today’s diversity standards. There were diverse groups though. There were blacks and Spanish. I have a Jewish and black kids in my class in fraternities. Diversity in the classroom. Its still was not diversity by today’s standards. I: Before we leave your college years, any socioeconomic turmoil or travel abroad? Howard: I spent semester in London. It was a great experience but it was also probably as broadening an experience ad it could have been. I went over there with a cohort and our professor but not as broadening as going to school there. Any takes-aways there? Howard: I am curious about people, I like to explore new things, I have British and French relatives over there. I was included in the fam even though their children were older. An urban experience that I liked. What about the experience did you like? Howard: I don’t know, it was the first real urban culture that I Had lived in, went to theater went to parks. didn’t walk away thinking the Brits were culturally different from mer. I: Tell me about div in your career. Howard: I began working in corporate finance for Solomon brothers 85 to 87, the go-go years of investment banking, poker was written. Started out at Solomon with a class of 25 analysts, half men and half women from all over the country, fair amount of diversity but it was not
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