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     In analyzing the novel Siddhartha, we find that Herman Hesse has incorporated many literary techniques to relay his message to the reader. By using various writing approaches to convey the theme of the novel, Hesse appeals to the readers' senses and aides them in grasping the novel. Included in these techniques are symbolism, metaphor, allusion, and archetypes. He compares many issues that Siddhartha faces to everyday objects and forces, making the novel easier to understand. Three of the main archetypes
Hesse uses to get his point across are trees, rivers, and sleep.
     One of the more obvious symbols used in the novel is a tree. Cross-culturally, it is extremely common for trees
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He lets go of the tree and considers suicide, but immediately sinks back underneath its trunk when he realizes how childish the thought of killing himself is. By showing the reader how drastically different
Siddhartha's decisions and ideas are while he's away from a tree as opposed to underneath of one, we see just how strong its symbolism in the novel is. The use of this archetype shows the audience how important wisdom and intelligence are.
     Another example of cross-cultural themes found in Siddhartha is the symbolism of the river. We find that in many civilizations rivers represent life and the path we take to find our destiny. Garth Brooks' song "The River" is a perfect example of the usage of rivers as a metaphor for life: "...Trying to learn from what's behind you and never knowing what's in store, makes each day a constant battle just to stay between the shores..." This quote from the song can be directly compared to Siddhartha's life, as he lives his life trying to gain new knowledge and learn from his experiences. By personifying the river and actually making it a character at the end of the novel, it strengthens the image in a reader's mind of the path that Siddhartha must follow through his experience on Earth. Hesse further emphasizes this symbol by using the word
"flowing" frequently throughout the novel. Small things, like speech

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