Archetypes Of The Male And Female

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Advertisments follow a blueprint that grabs viewer’s attention and places emphasis on archetypes of the male and/ or female. Which are then used to further a claim, while the archetype has nothing to do with the claim. To show this we will examine three advertisements and their Greco-roman archetypes, Athena, Prometheus, and Narissius. First we will look at a Carl’s Junior Advertisement featuring Ronda Rousey. The advertisement show’s Ronda Rousey an attractive female holding one of Carl’s Junior’s breakfast sandwiches. “With a sweet side.” In bold lettering. This significant because Ronda Rousey is the most dominant female UFC fighter in history. Rousey’s total cage time after 11 pro fights is 25 minutes and two seconds, an average of two minutes and 16 seconds per fight. She’s ended seven of her pro victories in less than one minute. The advertisement is suggesting that their sandwich has the same knockout power as Rousey with a sweeter side. The advert is indirectly pulling on Ronda Rousey as an Athena Archetype to sway potential viewers, first a synapse of who Athena the Goddess was. Athena was regarded the goddess of wisdom, a symbol of purity, she was born without a mother she came out of the head of Zeus. Athena’s overall role as Goddess is that of a warrior and protector. Myth says she was born fully armed. Despite her role as a warrior she preferred wisdom over fight. Athena protected and helped Perseus in killing the Gordon Medusa, proving her role as a
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