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Who comes to attention when individuals envision the perfect NFL quarterback? Joe Namath, Dan Marino, and Joe Montana are all familiar names. What about Eli Manning? Most people think of Eli Manning as Peyton’s little brother; however, what if Eli is far more than he is believed to be? Eli Manning may not be deemed an elite quarterback by some, but he is actually one of the most unruffled and composed quarterbacks in the league at decisive, game time moments. Eli Manning was not always the tranquil, placid quarterback that we see today. He was once a young child who was not engrossed in football or sports at all. Being seven and five years younger than his elder brothers, Cooper and Peyton, he was never tangled in their loud, often bloody fraternal battles over basketball or checkers or life. “I…show more content…
Eli was ready as he rejected offers from Texas, LSU, and Tennessee – Peyton’s alma mater. Eli chose the University of Mississippi, where Archie played and was a legend. The reminders of Archie came at him from every direction. Even the speed limit was eight teen, Archie’s retired uniform number. Eli often did interviews in the Manning Room, which is filled with his dad’s memorabilia. Although it was not long before Eli was leaving his own mark at Ole Miss, He broke forty-seven school records, including several that had belonged to his father (Lawrence 2). After college, Eli followed in his brothers footsteps, becoming the No. 1 pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. The New York Giants traded four draft picks to the San Diego Chargers for Manning with the dream of being led to a third Super Bowl Championship. Eli was very unreliable coming into the league. He would throw four touchdown passes one week, and turn around the next week to throw four interceptions. The New York fan base wanted him benched immediately; one newspaper even called him “Eli the Terrible” (Lawrence

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