Architect : An Artist Of The Modern World

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Architect: An Artist of the Modern World
Ever wonder what it’s like to be an architect? With skills like drawing and math it could be something worth doing. Having the ability to write for long periods and stay inside all day sitting aren’t bad traits to have either. Why wonder what it’s like to be an architect when one can be an architect? With some different skills that can easily be obtained, some schooling, and There are different tasks that an architect will have to do and different skills that one needs to be an architect. On a typical day of work an architect will be required to create blue prints for a client for construction. Skills for this are ones such as drawling for the creation of blue prints. Classes in school to be taken are ones like an art class for drawling and there are blue print drawling classes that can be taken. Skills like being able to measure precisely are also something that an architect needs. Classes for this are ones like a math class that have to do with measuring. Being able to make precis measurements and directions for the construction workers to follow is important. Key skills needed are ones like blue print drawling, making precis measurements for workers to follow, being able to write for long periods of time, and staying indoors for most of the day. There are not many hazards that come with the job of an architect. Getting a cramp in the hand from writing to much is hardly a hazard of work. One of the only hazards there is in being…
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