Architect's Checklist For Rehabilitating Historic Structures

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Architects sent to examine the structures and are eligible for preservation has a checklist that contains several additional requirements that the structure must meet and specific questions regarding the structure as well. The Architect 's Checklist for Rehabilitating Historic Structures consists of five different categories. These categories are Check Historic Designation and Available Documentation, Check Legal Requirements, Evaluate Historic Character/Significance of Structure, Assess Physical Condition, and the Development of Preservation Project Plans. Some of the questions in the checklist consist of whether the building is a part of the National Registry. Other questions are what historical documents are available from the building, such as architectural or engineering drawings of the building or local documents or if the structure presents any bad architectural issues such as poor design. In Oklahoma in the early May of 1863, a small clash between Confederate and Union forces broke out during the Civil War. Though the first skirmish was small, it led to the precursor of a larger battle that took place nearly three months later on July 1, 1863, later known as the First Battle of Cabin Creek. The engagement was an attempt by Confederate General and Native American Stand Watie to cut Union supply lines in Indian Territory and to capture a Union supply train. Unsuccessful in his attempts to do so, Stand Watie accomplished his mission on September 19, 1863. On the night

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