Architectural Designs of Castles vs. Modern Homes

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Is the architectural design of modern homes slowly changing back to the architectural design of castles in the Middle Ages? If design of homes is changing back to design of castles is it a reflection on our society that castles of the Middle Ages were built primarily for defense. Does this mean that as a society we are tying to pull away from each other? There are many similar characteristics and features between modern homes and castles that are incorporated into the design specifically for defense reasons. Castles in the Middle Ages were built primarily for defense in war. They were constantly being attacked so they had to be built very strong and almost impenetrable. Castles were very large to protect from invaders, but they…show more content…
A lot of people have gates put in at the end of driveway to only allow in who they want. Their garages have security codes that they have to enter in order to open the garage door. Their homes have security systems, which set off alarms if someone breaks into their home when they aren’t there. Modern homes also use natural defenses. People plant trees and shrubs on their property to hide the location of their homes. They also use trees and shrubs as a type of fence when they plant them around the edge of their property. Homes are also being built on lakes or rivers. Even if it isn’t usually thought of as a defense it can be because it is for the most part restricting anyone coming to the home to come from only the one side not towards the water. Modern homes and castles do have a lot of similar characteristics set up for defense. Castles and homes now both had walls set up around the area, even though castles walls were much larger, walls and fences around homes today still serve the general purpose of defense. Along with the walls are the gates. Both castles and homes have gates to let people in and keep people out. Most homes don’t necessarily have gatehouses, but a few homes may have a code pad, a scanable card, or even a guard at the gate to let in who is supposed to be in. Homes don’t have archers to protect the owners, but the security systems can be just as good because they can
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