Architectural Determinism : Shaping Behavior Through The Built Environment

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Architectural Determinism: Shaping Behavior Through The Built Environment Kara Boboski 7723941 Everyday we live and move through spaces without realizing the influence they can have on our daily lives. Built environments are designed to directly affect behaviour and attitudes in a specific and intended way; this can be referred to as architectural determinism (Marmot 2002). Almost all architectural patterns use the physical arrangement of elements, and materials to influence behavior. This can range from placing design elements in specific places to encourage or discourage people’s interaction with them, placing them to prevent access to a specific area, or placing them to direct or…show more content…
Design plays a big role in the environment of hospitals, and more importantly the recovery of patients. Many problems in hospitals such as infection control can be solved with the simplest solution of the placement of the sink or sanitizing station at the point of use. The Florida Hospital Waterman located in Tavares sits in the heart of the landscape, which happens to be home to many endangered birds, allowing nature and human to coexist (Hitechos 2014). Rising to 20,000 square feet and with windows on all sides, the facilities atrium provides visitors scenic views of the lakes and wooded areas that surround the facility as seen in figure 1 (Kroll 2004). Figure 1 (Architizer n.d.) The atrium encompasses a hotel like atmosphere rather than one of a hospital, including plants, a fountain, and even a piano. One key factor that can contribute to patient stress is the navigation of hospital facilities (Ulrich, et al. 2004, 19). To approach this issue the design incorporates brightly colored “way finding” elements, including two large “tensioned structures of PTFE architectural fabric membrane” as seen in figure 2 (Florida Hospital Waterman n.d.). This allows patients and visitors to find specific entrances and spaces both inside and outside the facility with ease. The atrium acts as the central hub for the

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