Architecture And Art Concepts Today Essay

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An empire lasting from 27 BCE to the 5th century CE, the Romans are regarded as one of the more advanced civilizations in ancient history, with its roman arches, running water, sculptures, paintings, architectural designs, and use of a form of modern government. Even though this civilization is long gone, it still continues to influence design, fashion, architecture and art concepts today. One of the longest lasting impressions from Roman Times is their architecture, some of which still currently stands at the very places they were built. This is a testament to the type of builders and architects they were. One of the reasons that Roman architecture is still fully intact or almost fully is due to the concrete also known as “opus caementicium” (Ward-Perkins 26), which “was perhaps influenced by pise work(compressed courses of earth)” (Robertson 232), it allowed arches, columns and bricks to be laid more intricately and allowed for more artistic designs in their buildings. Another notable aspect of Roman architecture is their arches which has continued to influences later art eras, such as the Renaissance, Neoclassicism era and Art Deco era. These arches often had an emphasis of curved and diagonal lines at the top of the arch, which gave a repeated slanted large brick pattern at the top of the arch; a type of motif you might see on some Art Deco buildings. Another arch used was the Triumph Arch which could have “ a single, double, or triple entrance, had no practical
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