Architecture And Design Of Architecture

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An architect plans, designs and construct structures. Architects can design many things like a shopping mall, a library, skyscrapers, and so much more. Architecture is a very interesting career that I would like to learn more about. I will be discussing why I chose to research this career and the different types of architects there are, the average annual salary an architect makes, what they do on a daily bases, how much education you need to be an architect, and the pros and cons about being an architect. Not only will I be discussing these topics, but I will also research what tools an architect uses, the best places for an architect to live at, and the top schools to get an architecture degree (Shapiro).
Architecture interests me because it provides the opportunity to shape the future, it challenges me to progress my education, and to be more creative. I chose to research this career because I have been interested in architecture since I was young and all I really knew about architecture was that it involved designing buildings. Seeing the different structures of different buildings and how they were structured, always caught my eye. I wanted to learn more about being an architect so I could know what I’m getting into and make sure that I will be happy with this career choice.
There are different kinds of architecture. Each kind of architect does something different but still deal with designing. “As an architect, the “type” of job you could have could refer…
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