Architecture And Design Of The Modern Era

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As individuals, we all have multifarious requirements for the buildings we use and the places we live in, work and socialise in needs to mirror this diversity. In other words, to suit whatever purpose we require from the structure and to make sure it functions as the designer envisaged.
Construction methods are constantly changing, and yet we can still appreciate the beauty, charm and graceful lines of architecture dating back hundreds of years. This includes magnificent buildings of the modern period as well as the traditional historical ones, brought to us from across the world by the medium of pictures, either as moving images or stills.
Artists of each progressive era found these buildings a source of fascination, as they revealed a breath-taking beauty in the urban landscape.
It can be argued that architecture and design have proved more significant in the establishment of cultures as civilisations developed. For the vast majority of the population, buildings are what they saw and used in their everyday lives, it was either a place they lived in, worked in or sometimes visited. Generally it was only the rich and privileged and this included religious establishments who saw, and more importantly appreciated what was known as ‘art’. The general population was fairly ambiguous to art and the aesthetics of architecture by adopting a more pragmatic view of their surroundings. For most of them it did not excite their intellect, as they were more concerned about order and
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